Smart Escapes

Accommodation marketing tools designed to increase direct bookings

The new global destination marketing platform

Promote your property the smart way

Smart Escapes is a marketing platform providing tools to increase direct bookings. There is no single system that is equivalent.

  • Global promotion using Specials and Campaigns with your unique identity.
  • Direct Booking links to your campaigns and promotions without giving away commissions.
  • Tools that make it simple to control your website without being a programmer.
  • Reach millions of potential guests.
  • Regional portals.
  • Integrated VIP Club for customer loyalty.
  • Integrated newsletter builder.
  • Australian Owned and Based marketing system.


Has this ever happened to you?

Gaps in availability?  More quiet than usual?  Maybe you’d like to run a promotion on your website?

But you think, “oh , now I have to contact my web developer, but how much will that cost?”

“How am I going to explain what I want?

“Maybe I should learn how to do it!”

“I wish there was an easy way!!!”

What if we said there is a tool that allows you to add campaigns or promotions to your website automatically? And then what if you could also send out a newsletter and maybe even possibly some social media posts about the very same campaign? You might think is this some AI internet far off possibility.

Smartescapes is a tool that allows you to build a library or calendar of campaigns to show or hide onto a Specials page on your website. These campaigns can link directly to your booking engine and apply a promocode to make the call to action for your guest super simple.

Contact us to find out how simple it can be to add promotions to your website and encourage even more direct bookings.


Over 30 years' experience

Over the last 30 years’ experience in the travel industry, we are continually asked to modify customer websites. We noticed that many of the requests were both similar and seasonally repetitive. In the interest of expediting these requests we asked ourselves:

“What if we could provide something so the customers could make these changes easily themselves?”

Smart Escapes was born, a product that exists behind the website. Smart Escapes can interact or inject information into a website in specific areas that may need to be routinely updated.

This summer an updated version of Smart Escapes with a simple modern interface will be available including many newly requested capabilities such as:

  • Electronic compendium
  • An integrated easy-to-use newsletter capability
  • Easy list management for the integrated VIP and Guest membership services.


Destination Marketing

What is Destination Marketing? Many of our customers feel strongly about their local region’s identity and recognise there is a strength in leveraging the marketing of that location, or destination, rather than just their own property. This is leading to an evolution in the way accommodation sites are looking to represent themselves.

Also, we have found guests tend to use multiple sources to find relevant information for their holidays. By including searchable destination-based information like service providers and attractions we provide a natural tie-in with accommodation options. This creates a better experience for potential guests and provides a centralised source of information for holiday planners.