Comworks’ managed website hosting ensures unmatched user-friendliness, coupled with steadfast support available whenever you require it.

Operating as a Managed Hosting Service, we take charge of all technical intricacies and deliver authentic local support (no offshore teams involved).
If you encounter any challenges, just drop us an email for swift assistance.

Modern and Fast Servers

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Whether you’re embarking on a new website venture or seeking swift, reliable Australian web hosting managed locally in Sydney, we’ve got your back. With extensive experience catering to numerous online businesses in Sydney and beyond, we offer comprehensive solutions to fulfill all your website hosting requirements.

Fully Managed Website Hosting

Our website hosting service is fully managed, meaning we handle all technical aspects of your hosting service, allowing you to concentrate on other facets of your website and business. In the event of any hosting issues, rest assured we’ll swiftly resolve them without unexpected costs.

With non-managed hosting, a common scenario is deploying a website and neglecting server maintenance. The website owner may assume no action is necessary or rely on the web developer to manage it. Over time, performance may deteriorate, or worse, server security remains outdated, exposing the website to potential vulnerabilities.

What Is Website Hosting?

The website host serves as the home for your website. Essentially, it could be as straightforward as a computer housed in a data center, hosting your website.

What Is Managed Hosting?

Our managed hosting service not only offers hosting space but also integrates crucial layers of service, monitoring, and support to ensure the optimal performance of your website.

Why Use Managed Hosting?

In essence, peace of mind is what we offer. Our managed hosting ensures dependable server security, maintenance, and support, all at a predictable price.

What exactly do we do?

Managing servers can be challenging and consume valuable time. With our expertise, we handle the deployment and upkeep of server security and performance. Additionally, we’ve incorporated extra services not typically found in other hosting environments to ensure your website operates flawlessly – all included in our monthly hosting plan.

Australian Hosting

Speed is crucial, which is why we position our web server in Sydney, Australia, ensuring swift and dependable website performance for your Australian clientele.

What Is Website Hosting?

Our managed hosting service not only furnishes the hosting space but also encompasses various essential layers of service, monitoring, and support to ensure seamless operation of your website.

What Is Website Hosting?

In essence, peace of mind. Our managed hosting delivers dependable server security, maintenance, and support, all at a predictable price.

Security Updates

We uphold server security by managing operating system patches and updates, conducting virus scans, implementing spam filtering, and configuring firewalls.

Back-ups + Roll-backs

We offer nightly backups, retained for 7 days, along with off-site backups every 2 months. Made an error and require a roll-back? We handle the roll-back process at no additional cost to you.

Hardware Upgrades

We share your enthusiasm for fast, cutting-edge technology. Whenever new and enhanced options emerge, we promptly upgrade the server’s hardware components to ensure optimal performance.

Performance Maintenance

We handle the daily operation and upkeep of the server to guarantee optimal performance, fine-tuning server settings, and updating server software promptly as updates become available.

Local Support

One of the greatest advantages of managed hosting is the assurance that if any issues arise with the server or your hosted email, qualified support is readily available via phone or email to assist you.

Optional WP Updates

If your WordPress site is hosted with us, we take care of running your WordPress Core and plugin updates for you. This provides you with complete peace of mind, knowing that your website is being kept secure and up-to-date.

Outbound Spam Protection

We employ a third-party system to prevent the server from being blacklisted in case you unintentionally start sending out spam emails.

Managed Email

As part of our hosting package, we offer managed email services. We handle tasks such as adding or removing email accounts, setting up forwarders, email autoresponders, email redirections, and configuring webmail.

Email Fallback

We offer an additional off-site server as a fallback measure. If the main server experiences downtime, your incoming emails will be routed to the fallback server. Once the main server is back online, your emails will be forwarded to you seamlessly.

The Benefits of Managed Hosting

For many businesses, investing in the hardware and expertise required to manage hosting internally isn’t feasible. The expenses often outweigh the benefits. Our managed hosting service presents a viable alternative. It offers a more efficient IT solution where costs are shared among all our hosting clients.

With expenses distributed, you receive more than just a web host or a mere server. We incorporate additional redundancies, such as dual SSDs and Fallback Email Servers, and provide layered support services and expertise. This comprehensive approach ensures peace of mind, knowing that all necessary tasks are being diligently handled.

Managed Hosting Plans

We love fast loading sites!

Typically, our hosting plans offer ample resources for most websites, with the primary factor to consider being the required SSD Storage Space. Unsure about your storage needs? Reach out to us, and we’ll assist you in determining the appropriate amount. With straightforward, transparent pricing across all plans and dependable customer support whenever needed, you can trust in our Australian managed website hosting. All prices are listed in Australian Dollars and include GST.


Smaller WP Websites
$ 39
  • 2GB SSD Storage Space
  • 50 BG Bandwidth/Month
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB RAM


Medium WP Websites
$ 49
  • 2GB SSD Storage Space
  • 50 BG Bandwidth/Month
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB RAM


Smaller WP Websites
$ 59
  • 2GB SSD Storage Space
  • 50 BG Bandwidth/Month
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB RAM

Australian website hosting

Speed is key. Opting for budget-friendly offshore hosting could tack on an additional 2-3 seconds of loading time in Australia for the majority of websites (for larger ones, the delay could be even more!). Waiting for a slow website is universally disliked – it not only causes frustration for visitors but also leads to a decline in conversions.

Google considers website speed as a pivotal element in its ranking algorithm – similar to users, Google favors speedy websites! Assuming all other factors are equal between your website and a competitor’s, a faster loading time should result in a higher placement in Google Search.

If a significant portion (or all) of your website visitors are based in Australia, it’s prudent to opt for a swift, local web host.

More than just WordPress Hosting

We do more than just a managed WordPress hosting provider.

Our expertise extends to all your WordPress development, bespoke web design, and web development requirements.

We’re proficient in crafting new features and functionalities, conceptualizing and crafting a personalized WordPress website, or fine-tuning and enhancing your existing theme. We specialize in upgrading websites to WooCommerce, seamlessly integrating them with other systems, and offering assistance with basic tasks such as content and image management on your WordPress site. Feel free to reach out for a quote on any of these supplementary services.